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As we

are looking we see Jake is a live . Yes he is, now we see the men coming to take him to the Hospital . Looks like Jake might make it . So just maybe we will see him change his life . I know if it was me, I sure would stop drugs . I would live just for Jesus, no more fooling around.

Lets go

with him to see what does happen at the hospital . Just maybe we will learn something about just what happen with Jake and the Angle of Death . That is if that was who Jake was with .

Now as

we pull up to the front of the Hospital, Jake was coming up to the side door . Yes they had taken him to the side, we could not see him being unloaded . We all ran into the hospital, only to see him being pushed through the doors to the room where we were not able to go .

This the starting of a new day. -

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